Volunteer Opportunities to Deliver Meals in Torrance and Lomita

Volunteers are the Heart of our program

You Can Help . . .

  • By volunteering to serve a minimum of 1-1/2 hours per week on a regular or substitute basis. Volunteer opportunities include delivery of meals and other support functions for the organization. For more information …

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  • By encouraging your organization or friends to contribute to Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels. Contributions are tax exempt.
  • By advising persons who qualify and may benefit by our service to phone us at (310) 542-3434.

Our program is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer community service organization. We have been delivering meals to the house-bound citizens of Torrance and Lomita since 1972.

Why Volunteer?

Friendships- you meet nice people and achieve a sense of camaraderie and belonging

♥ Appreciated – your time and talent bring sincere smiles of appreciation from those who need you

♥  Independent – you help seniors stay independent in their own homes rather than a nursing home

♥ Mission – you accomplish something by helping a worthwhile organization fulfill a vital mission

♥ Values – you set a good example for your friends and family on the value of serving others

♥ Community – you’re helping our community by giving something back to those in need

♥ Learning – you learn new skills and discover interesting things to do and share with others

♥ Time – you keep busy and are able to apply your time and talents doing something worthwhile

♥ Health – studies show that you remain healthier and live longer when you make a difference

A poem from one of our dedicated volunteers, Bob Noone

An elderly man was tired
of sitting around all day,
Nothing to do but sit and think,
“There must be a better way ‘.

Then he read in the Daily Breeze
About a wonderful plan,
where meals were brought to old folks,
And more help was in demand.

“By golly,” he said, “I could do that.
There’s nothing would please me more
Than helping those unfortunates
Who were forced to stay indoors.

“The next morning he woke brightly.
He was cheerful as he could be!!
The Meals on Wheels was on his mind
So he journeyed there to see.

They greeted him with open arms.
He was made to feel at ease.
They introduced him all around.
Everybody seemed so pleased.

They soon offered him some coffee,
And a piece of Mary’s cake.
He was just like the rest of us,
The biggest piece he would take.

They brought him to the kitchen,
Where he smelled the hearty food.
He wished that he could sit right down,
Cause everything looked so good!

But let’s get down to business.
He had a big job to do.
They started him on the green route,
Cause everyone’s green that’s new.

Bernice yells from the kitchen.
“The meals are ready to go”.
So everyone grabs their boxes,
But you’re in for a lot of woe.

If you forget to do one thing,
And it really must be done.
You must not forget to count ’em!
You just can’t leave out a one.

And now every car is loaded.
And the driver starts to go.
His helper reads the daily list.
He’s the one supposed to know,

Where every single customer,
Can be found in record time.
And we give our thanks to Jerry,
She makes up the routes just fine!

But every once in a great while,
We all have a heck of a time.
We find our list has someone new,
Who’s impossible to find.

After a while we remember,
The instructions on the card,
And there it is in black and white.
Now, why would that be so hard?

Now as we open up the meals,
As we go from home to home,
We appreciate our kitchen,
And we thank them in this poem.

Let us not forget our sponsors,
For they really make it go,
& there’d be no Meals on Wheels,
If they didn’t give the dough.

If you would like to help, please give us a call at (310) 542-3434 or send an email to info@tlmow.org.